RVL Manufacturing Product

RVL - Lab Reactor

The Laboratory reactor manufactured by RVL is based on vast expertise of over 20 years. The laboratory reactor is suitable for carrying out chemical reactions, pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetic products development. Unique double jacket design of reactor allows heating and cooling depending on applications.

Laboratory Reactor system consisting of :

> Motorized lifting Stand system

> Laboratory stirring unit from choice of various models depending on viscosity and control applications.

> Anchor stirrer with flow

> Reactor cover with blanks ports for attaching other instruments like temperature monitor, homogenizer, dosing unit, vacuum pump etc.

> Bottom discharge system

Suitable for vacuum operation. Seals in contact with the product are made of solvent- resp. temperature-resistant. Infinitely adjustable speed. Integrated RPM and torque trend display for

Specifications Reactor - 2 Reactor - 5
Usable Volume min. 500ml 1000ml
Usable Volume max. 2000ml 5000ml
Working temperature min. Room temp. °C Room temp. °C
Working temperature max. 250 °C 250 °C
Attainable Vacuum 2 mbar 2 mbar
Viscosity max. See Choice of Motors See Choice of Motors
Speed range As per choice of Motor As per choice of Motor
Stand Type Motorized lifting Stand with push button Motorized lifting Stand with push button
Material in contact with medium FFPM, PTFE, SS316 FFPM, PTFE, SS316
Weight 35 Kg 55 Kg
Permissible Ambient Temp. 5 - 47 °C 5 - 47 °C
RS 232 interface On Choice of Motor On Choice of Motor
Voltage/Frequency 230 / 50 Hz 230 / 50 Hz
Power input On Choice of Motor On Choice of Motor

Choice of Motors

Specifications Motor 1 Motor 2 Motor 3
Stirring quantity max 25 L (Water) 40 L (Water) 100 L (Water)
Motor rating input 120 W 190 W 130 W
Motor rating output 72 W 130 W 84 W
Motor principle Brushless DC Brushless DC Brushless DC
Speed display LCD Display LCD 7 Segment LED
Speed range 50 - 2000 rpm 50 - 2000 rpm 30 - 2000 rpm
Viscosity max. 25000 mPas 50000 mPas 100000 mPas
Voltage/Frequency 230V/50 Hz 230V/50 Hz 230V/50 Hz
Maximum Torque 40 Ncm 80 Ncm 40 Ncm

RVL cooling baths/Chillers are the suitable choice when temperatures below ambient or when fast cool down is required. Suitable for external circulation or as open baths. High cooling capacity even at low temperatures, meaning fast cool down, stable and correct even at high room temperatures. Low energy consumption and longest life time. Powerful pump for the highest uniformity, accuracy and fastest cool down. Made of high grade corrosion resistant steel (316L) for a long life time and easy cleaning. Easy temperature setting and clear temperature read out. High heating capacity (up to 1000W). Compact space saving and with low noise.


WorkingTemp. Range:-20 °C to 250 °C,

Temperature control:Microprocessor based PID.

Temp.Stability: ± 0.1 °C

Temp.Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

Refrigerant: R134a

Operating Panel: Membrane Keypad


Adjustable High Temperature cut-off device

Puff Insulatio: To avoid temperature loss.

Hermitically sealed compressors CFC free.

Material: Wetted - SS 304 grade.

Drain Tap: At back side.

Bath Filling Volume: 4L to 5L .

Digital Display: LED/LCD

Display Resolution: ± 0.1 °C

Heater Capacity: 750W

Pump capacity: Flow Rate: 10 to 15 L/Min.

Temperature sensor: PT100

Dry Running Protection

Cooling system:

Eco friendly system, Air cooled condenser

Outer Body- 18 SWG CRC sheet duly powder coated

Two Nozzle: Made up of SS for inlet & outlet.

The digital temperature meter is designed specifically for the special needs of laboratories and the industry and comes with a wide range of optional connectable sensors for surface temperature, air temperature and immersion measurements.

Product benefits :

> Port for one RTD or NTC sensor

> Wide range of optional sensors for individual requirements

> User-defined thresholds, audible alarm when thresholds are exceeded

> Optional accessories for individual adaptation, i.e. protection against aggressive media for use in laboratories

The robust waterproof immersion and penetration probe (with the appropriate measuring instrument) enables particularly accurate temperature measurement in liquid and semi-solid media.

Product benefits :

> Pt100 sensor for particularly accurate measurement results

> Ideal for laboratory application

> Waterproof

> Measuring range: -50 to +400 °C

We specialize for any special application of Monitoring devices and customized modification. Please provide your application and needs in detail for custom design and manufacturing.