To meet the various demands of Laboratory Instruments, Analytical Instruments and Process Engineering Equipments, which is increasing in geometric progression, emerged a company called RVL Scientific & Engineering in 2003.

RVL Scientific & Engineering is an organization of dedicated people providing the finest service and technical support. The company is growing rapidly since its foundation.

RVL Scientific & Engineering commitment towards the end users

> To provide quality products that meets the expectations of our customers with most competitive prices and excellent delivery system.

> To offer products out of unique and outstanding technologies accumulated over many years that can fully meet the needs of our customers.

> RVL Scientific & Engineering targets to provide specific information in summarized and detailed formats, variety of products and their different models to the end user in a very little time.

> RVL Scientific & Engineering offers a wide range of laboratory equipment based on the philosophy of providing excellent performance and quality at an affordable price.

RVL Scientific & Engineering offers a wide range of best quality products and highest level of services to the customers wherever required. These customers and markets include:

> Petrochemical

> Life Sciences

> Chemical

> Semiconductor

> Pharmaceuticals

> Environmental

> Biotechnology

> Food & beverage

> Agriculture

> Nuclear Research

RVL Scientific & Engineering helps customers to select the application specific product.

Our diverse product lines include:

> Analytical Instruments

> Temperature Controlled Equipment

> General Purpose Laboratory Instruments

> Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food industry machineries.

At, RVL Scientific & Engineering we are committed to provide customers accurate technical assistance whenever required.