Labogene Denmark

LaboGene™ is a Danish Company that specialises in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory and industrial equipments in the fields of Clean Air & Laminar Flow, Vacuum & Cooling and Centrifugation.

Clean Air & Laminar Flow

ScanLaf represents the best in Class II and laminar flow cabinets with the advantage of low energy consumption, digital control and ergonomic design. The Industrial ScanLaf program offers a range of Down Flow modules and enclosures for powder and animal handling as well Air showers and Glove boxes, all of which can be produced to Customers specifications. A truly unique bespoke portfolio!

Vacuum & Cooling – FREEZE Dryers & Vacuum Concentrators.

ScanVac epitomizes the best in Freeze Drying and Vacuum Concentration equipments and offers a wide range of bench or floor standing units with temperatures down to -110 ºC. Together with an extensive range of accessories and components that offer complete flexibility for all your applications, now and in the future.

ScanCool the brand that describes a range of Ultra Freezers for sample storage offering a choice of Chest or Upright models from 100 to 600litre capacity. Environmentally friendly and energy saving design concepts are standard features of all units in the ScanCool range.

The ChillSafe range of cooling & cryogenic baths and circulators with capacities of 8 to 18litres and temperatures from -30 ºC to -90 ºC completes the ScanCool offering.

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