KNF Pumps Germany

KNF Neuberger GmbH is a company having a global presence in designing, development, production, and marketing of Diaphragm Pumps. Being a dynamic business entity, the company has to its credit more than 100 patents, reflecting the sheer innovative spirit that has become the hallmark of its operations. Wherever we interface with our customer, there is KNF quality - innovative products, qualified consulting, first class service, a friendly approach, smooth business processes, a well organised worldwide network.

More specifically, the following pumps and systems are available with KNF India and through the KNF Neuberger group worldwide:

Gas Pumps

> Micro Diaphragm Gas sampling pumps

> Diaphragm Compressors and Vacuum Pumps for Neutral, hazardous OR Valuable Gases.

> Gas sampling pumps / Process Gas Pumps

> Chemical - Temperature resistant Diaphragm Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

> Diaphragm pumps in explosion protection to ATEX

> Vacuum Systems for distillation

> Swing Piston Pumps and compressors.

Liquid Pumps

> Micro Diaphragm Liquid Pumps for neutral and aggressive liquids

> Diaphragm Metering anf dosing Pumps with Microprocessor Controls.


> Diaphragm Pressure Control Valves.

> Diaphragm Pulsation Dampers

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