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60 years experience and even more innovation

LAMY RHEOLOGY is a family-owned and -run company that has become the French leader in the rheometer and viscometer market; in 2015, the company is celebrating its 60th birthday. Established by Jean Lamy in 1955, the firm was taken over by his daughter, Danielle Lamy in 1986, then by his grandchildren, Sophie and Eric Martino in 2006, whose takeover marks the completion of a process initiated in the early 90s: for nearly 10 years, LAMY RHEOLOGY has been manufacturing its entire range of products in this way.

The firm, from the Rhône-Alpes, is the only French manufacturer of rheometers and viscometers. It takes advantage of being “Made in France”, not for its label, but for its real quality ethics. Generation after generation, it has stayed true to this course of action and because of this the company has established itself as a key player in the industry, recognised for the team’s commitment.

“Customer’s needs first”: this win-win principle acts as a common thread guiding all that is done by the Research and Development team. R&D is particularly prolific which, in 2015, LAMY RHEOLOGY’s year of innovation, sees the introduction of a brand new range of the latest generation rheometers and viscometers. More ergonomic and stylish with touchscreens and even more features... Take a look through and find out for yourself!

B-One Touch

Viscometer and set of spindles included (L-1 to L-4 ou R-2 to R-7)

The B-One TOUCH has a 7” touch screen and comes with a stylus

B-One Touch Portable

PORTABLE viscometer with carry case

Designed to directly control viscosity in process tanks or manufacturing workshops without needing to be plugged in


Viscometer with temperature sensor

For your ultra-sensitive measurements, the First Touch features a torque range of 0.005 to 0.8 mNm

RM 100 Touch

Universal viscometer

You can programme your measurement methods directly using RM 100 TOUCH’s touch screen

RM 100 Touch Portable

Universal PORTABLE viscometer with carry case

Carry out measurements directly while being produced and save your results on a USB stick thanks to the Portable RM 100 Touch.

RM 100 Touch Gel Timer

Viscometer – Gel timer

The RM 100 TOUCH GEL TIMER is ideal for monitoring viscosity changes in your products up to a solid state.

RM 100 Touch CP 2000

Cone-Plate Viscometer with cone included

If you find your products difficult to clean or you have small quantities of samples

RM 100 i Touch

Industrial viscometer

RM 100 L Touch

Viscometer on the production line


Texture Analyzer with 7” colour screen

Contact us to determine the shape, material and size of probes to use on your TEX’AN TOUCH.


Operational with the MS-DIN measuring geometries

Use your first touch, RM 100 touch or RM 200 touch in conjunction with EVA MS-DIN to achieve thermostatic measurement results of your samples.


Operational with the MS-R2 to R5 measuring geometries

The EVA MS-R system can accommodate 2 instruments allowing you to fully optimise your workspace.


Working with measuring spindles R-1 to R-7 and L-1 to L-4

EVA LR works with FIRST Touch, RM100 Touch or RM200 Touch


Electric high-temperature oven

The RT-1 high-temperature oven can accommodate your FIRST Touch, RM100 Touch or RM200 Touch


Peltier effect Cone Plate stand

The CP-1 cone-plate stand gives you the option of pairing it with your FIRST Touch, RM100 Touch or RM200 Touch


High temperature electric oven with viscometer centring and adjustment

Pair your FIRST Touch, RM100 Touch or RM200 Touch to the RT-3 high temperature oven and carry out your measurements with precision

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